Saturday, 31 December 2011

Class Wars 2011, The Workers Strike BACK!

This year has been the year of the protester. Time magazine saw fit to make the protester its coveted 'person of the year', of course Hitler has also featured here before so let us not jump for joy too soon.

From the first signs of revolt in Tunisia a year ago, yes it all began back then in Tunisia (the dawn of the Arab spring) through to the horrific scenes at one breakfast time of Gaddafi being brutalised and executed in the streets by rebels in October this year, the protester has taken the worlds media by storm.
Closer to home there has been the national day of action on November 30th, an occupy movement in London, with the movement taking hold in over 900 cities world-wide as people rally against a system unjust. A system that is good for a few (and if truth be told the majority really of the self named 99%) but enslaves the rest, the rest being left without access to clean drinking water, shelter and food. Something that is a basic human right for all.

It seems we are not amused.

So whilst the rich get richer, the not so rich complain about not having enough fiat currency for the latest iPhone or Nike Air Jordan athletic trainers, the poor get busy dying.  Some of us have decided to make a stand and ask more questions.
Whilst some of the humans try to spread the message and ask the questions the rest of the planet has not thought of yet, the likes of David Cameron and Barack Obama, with their guide dogs Hilary Clinton and Theresa May, they continue to preach to people outside of their club about human rights and the right to free speech. Syria, Iran and China are regularly in their sights, and maybe rightly so,  however they themselves continue to belittle, beat, imprison and silence their own people with the very essence of fascism that they claim to be liberating the rest of the world from.
Quick to jump on the Arab spring bandwagon because they think they might be in for a cheap barrel of oil but even quicker to crack down on a slave revolt on their own doorstep as people begin to see that the game is up, after all who will flip their burgers, switch on the petrol pumps or tooth fairy forbid make their Calvin Klein's?

As Ghandi put it Mr Cameron and Mr Obama "be the change you want to see"

In light of all this Dejavusion Productions and Lucas Media have collaborated again to bring you a trailer for an upcoming short movie inspired by the Star Wars movies. Class Wars trailer

Nike Air Jordan scenes. You couldn't make it up.
Theresa May's Human Rights Rant. Shocking

Friday, 30 December 2011

From Iraq, With Love

We have a duty to ensure our governments do not send our troops to unjust wars. If our government does send them out to killed and maimed they have a duty to support and care for them.
Dejavusion Productions and Lucas Media have collaborated to bring you this latest effort 'From Iraq, With Love'.

Enjoy, comment, share.

Imperial War Machine

"In western Christian culture, war is sacred. The church is the pentagon and the soldiers are the priests, which is why you cannot criticise soldiers in American movies because they are the priests, they are warriors of  god, they get screwed up but they always do their job well. You can humanise the soldiers but you cannot give them a background for why they are there, whether it is Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, there is no background. It is about making the soldiers priests of God" - Oliver Stone, Vietnam war veteran and Oscar award winner.

War porn-Vogue
Harsh, to the point and fair. When you look through the list of American and British war porn movies it is a glorious run of Imperial war machine victories with depiction of heroic acts. The benevolent nature of the Imperial war machine is well documented from Hurt Locker to Saving Private Ryan, yet it was not always this way.
Apocalypse Now and Platoon are examples that portrayed a very different vision of war and the atrocities committed by both sides, this was not good for America particularly as the war in Vietnam being so fresh in the peoples minds, served to reinforce the message that no good comes from war and that ultimately we all lose.

Then came Top Gun.

Top Gun was the Pentagons movie wet dream as they collaborated with Hollywood and conspired to make one of the best advertising movies, only bettered recently by What Women Want. I must confess to being sucked in by the Top Gun theme and the idea of 'heroism' at a young age, but then who wasn't? At least I was not old enough to be recruited at the box office as a lot of young men were when they exited their showings, dreaming of wearing a white military uniform and serenading women up and down bars across the continent and the world. It is said that recruitment went up by 20,000 uniformed personnel the year after Top Gun was released.

There have been a succession of war porn films released since, showing the American military in a brave and heroic light such as Black Hawk Down, Tears of the Sun and We Were Soldiers. This has been compounded by the targeting of our children through the glorification of the armed forces in computer games such as the highly successful (and brutal) Call of Duty series, and in movies aimed at a younger audience, such as Iron Man, Transformers and the latest Marvel comic book superheroes movies X-Men- First Class and Captain America. Hollywood has been complicit in this with the Pentagon to the point where if production does not include the input from their man, Phil Strub, then they may as well forget the movie. Phil Strub has a list of accredited movies to his name if you type his name into IMDB
With Hollywood's approval of a script the film makers get access to machinery, personnel, tactics and techniques to ensure a realism. This is ironic because as a viewer we are being held back from witnessing a directors true vision of things.

The danger is now if you go against the party line, as advertised by the mainstream media and the movies then you are in danger of being made an outcast by people such as Bill O'Rielly on Fox News. This happened with the movie Redacted which came out in 2007. O'Rielly is offensive at the best of times but he called for people to take 'support the soldiers' signs to theatres that played the movie and stop people from watching it. A great advert for liberty and the right to free speech that he and his war mongering friends like to claim we are helping the rest of the 'uncivilised' world to have.

Over the years we have become a people desensitised to the atrocities of war, we allow our governments to send our troops off to war with out ever really questioning 'why?'. It is our duty to stop the governments from fighting unjust wars with our soldiers, it is our duty to to ensure that the government does not ditch the responsibility of looking after those it has sent to be killed and maimed on to us. It is time we all took a stand against this military industrial war machine.

Please take the Earth time to check Aljazeera's 'Hollywood and the War machine' on Top Documentaries and the Guardian article by George Chesterton in the links below.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Mon£y Make$ The World Go Down

Fractional Reserve Banking. I have tried to explain it before, it is a relatively simple concept to grasp but sometimes pictures paint a story better than a thousand words so Lucas Media and Dejavusion Media have come together to put it in plain sight for you all in an accessible way.

We present to you via YouTube, 'Money Makes The World Go Down'  with help from The O'Jays

Enjoy. Comment. Share.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lies My Government Told Me

The Daily Mail has featured an article on the Military Wives Choir who have recently taken to the airwaves with a charity single, made from lines of letters they have sent to their loved ones, fighting in the many theatres of operations that our soldiers, their partners, are currently operating in around the world.
It is the fastest selling single for six years.
The video can currently be found on YouTube ( if you have not seen or heard it whereby you can make your own mind up about it.
Cameron meets and greets the wives and girlfriends

The article starts by describing the women as beautiful because they are "every day women and mothers in High Street dresses with their roots showing"....yes, it really says this.
You can find the article here -
The military wives choir are compared to celebrity artists, such as the latest X-Factor robots, in that they are a refreshing change from the scam that is the 'charity single'. It comes around every now and then and is performed by the rich and famous every time a bandwagon comes into town. Generally they are people who only do it for the PR that goes with being linked to the current charity bandwagon (yes that means you Paul McCartney, Bono, Robbie Williams, Leona Lewis, Dizzee Rascal, the list is endless and non-exhuastive)

The Daily Mail's article of course used adjectives such as 'brave', 'stoicism', 'resolve' and 'togetherness' to name but a few of the usual emotive words when used by the Daily Propaganda to strengthen the feeling of nationalism within the country.
It is however a subject that must be dealt with carefully.
The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and moving forward most likely in Iran, have been costly. In a currency sense yes, but more importantly in a physical and moral sense too. Thousands of troops have been injured or killed and millions of innocent civilians have too been injured, killed or displaced through the ravages of war. If by anyway we discredit our troops then we are considered unpatriotic, or tarnished with a brush far worse, yet the reality of it is this; our troops have been sold a lie (as were we all) and their suffering at the hands of successive Governments is a betrayal of their faith and belief in that system. Yet the very women singing their hearts out, for loved ones they might not see again, are seen pictured with the latest war monger and tyrant 'incharge' at 10 Downing Street, shaking hands and all smiles.

Not something I would be doing if given opportunity to meet the Prime Minister. I would not want to get blood on my hands.

More effort should be put in to bringing home the soldiers, men and women, fighting for the billionaire Military Industrial Complex criminals who are trying to secure resources in the name of democracy and liberty and leaving behind them millions of families across the world without their mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters this Christmas.

"War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Right To Fight

December, it has been a rare month for Human Rights with first the news that Chantelle Taylor had become the first woman to officially kill on the front line and then the news that women can now serve on submarines too. This all goes some way to addressing the issues raised on International Womens day, back in March this year, where it was claimed that the inability of a woman to serve on the front line, as her male counterparts do, was having an adverse affect on their ability to progress through the ranks. In the book 'A Guide to Saving the World, From Tibet with Love' by Isabel Losada she comments on this weird aspect of the women's rights movement here, that in the West women are shouting for their 'right' to kill the enemy, whilst in Tibet the women simply want the right to practice a faith and way of life they believe in without being imprisoned.

These recent developments, along with Theresa May's comments in March, have gone some way to dealing with those issues. However this all comes against the backdrop of the furor from the sports personality of the year nominations (where not one woman was nominated) the push for and highlighting of the lack of women's rights in both Kurdistan and iRan and the issues on UK soil where so called honour killings are on the increase.

The irony is not lost on me as on International Womens day Theresa May was busy selling a woman's human rights away under the proviso that domestic violence was 'only a violation of their their human rights during a period of peace time, not war time'. Considering we have been at war in one form or another every decade since World War 2, I am not too optimistic for a woman's future.

Our Governments appear to be conspiring as we speak to find cause or reason enough to attack Iran. The discovery of natural gas just the last couple of days will I am sure have done nothing except strengthen their resolve to invade and 'liberate' the women of Iran.

This is all well and good but our Governments cannot even agree to look after and respect women in our own countries let alone profess to care about the women in another land. At the recent Euro zone summit a French official described David Cameron as "a man who had shown up at a wife swapping party, only without his wife". A disgraceful comment to make.

Are women now to be traded the same as commodities like our laws and currencies with keys in a bowl?

Where are the 'sluts' now?
Someone asked me today, "where are the feminists now?" We had a series of global 'slut walks' throughout the early part of the year in reaction to a comment made by a police chief over the Atlantic and as yet nothing said about the comments made about Cameron. Before this however, I read an article by the enigmatic writer, Laurie Penny, in the Independent who receives some of the most vile hate mail, from men I am ashamed to say. These messages included encouraging rape and a variety of other hideous assaults to take place on her just because she dares to air an opinion. An opinion that may well differ vastly from the mainstream party line but so what? As an avid follower of her Twitter page I have seen some of the tripe thrown at her and find it unbelievable we call ourselves civilised.

Now we live in a 'civil'isation where a woman can serve and kill on the front line, serve on a submarine, but not have an opinion? We then get ourselves worked up over a ridiculous sporting award, voted for by a bunch of old men that never won an argument let alone a medal, and accuse them of sexism but forgoe the French faux parx? We have our values all mixed up and it is time we started to really evaluate what matters in our lives.

We risk becoming a society that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Can't Beat the Feeling McDonald's Test Part 2, Week 1

Banksy Caveman
The McDonald's test part 2, week 1, is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. After only 8 days there is already a vast difference in the two portions of chips and it would appear also that the claims from others that McDonald's meals last an unusual amount of time compared to everyday food may be true.

Keep posted and see how the study unfolds.

Ask more questions.

Can't Beat The Feeling McDonald's Test

Nine days ago I embarked on a not very scientific test for a McDonald's Happy Meal in comparison to some home made fries the same day.  I posted the initial blog December 12th ( this is just an update with the video link to YouTube so you can follow the first days actions.

Ask more questions.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Super Science Me

Two minutes from 'happiness'
There have been many stories on the Internet and occasionally in the newspapers about the shelf life of a McDonald's meal.  Just the other day someone sent me a YouTube link detailing this very issue so I decided to take it upon myself to find out first hand.

I headed down to the local fast food giant and purchased a happy meal, complete with burger and fruit juice, and returned home to start the test. My plan? To keep the meal in its box for 3 weeks leading up to the end of the year and check it everyday. To compare the happy meal I knocked up some home made chips on my return, storing them in the same fashion to see their progress.

I plan to provide updates every couple of days with all the images and video as I go along so stay tuned.
Unimpressed with the purchase
Fries Vs home made chips

The meal laid out with the home made option chips on the right

Monday, 5 December 2011

You Just Can't Beat The Feeling

The packet that failed to fill a hole
It has been a long while since I've purchased a packet of crisps but after a busy afternoon looking for some presents for the family I stopped off for an expensive, pre-packed sandwich filled with salt, and a bag of Walkers Crisps. I was shocked when I opened them to find that I had effectively opened a bag of air. I resisted the urge to freak out over the contents and reflected upon the situation.

For 34g of processed potato today there seems to be a lot less than in a packet of crisps a decade ago. This seems to have happened with everything including chocolate bars. Aside from the fact I would prefer to eat an apple, I begrudge paying for a single mars knowing it is as expensive as the old king size bar but half the size of the original. Then if I want to 'super size' it costs me nearly £1 for a double bar that is about the size of the old king size. Madness.

A pound is not what is used to be. Thank you Bank of England.

Advertising, this shits got to go
So whilst the banks continue to screw the planet, the corporations conspire to compound the problem by making products smaller and charging you the same price or more. This is done for two reasons. One because they are trying to convince us it is for health reasons, that by making chocolate bars and crisps contain less it will reduce obesity. The other is that it enables companies to 'hold the price' whilst providing us 'an affordable treat'.

Of course this is utter nonsense on all levels.

If the reality was that the world wanted to fight obesity in the UK and other parts of the 'civil'-ised world, then they would not let cereal companies push their under nourishing products on our children. They would not let McDonald's promote World Cups or other sporting events. They would not let Coca-Cola claim it was thirst quenching or employ Santa Claus to promote it, nor develop kiddies yo-yo's or footballs.

These corporations, that feed on the life blood of our future generations, would not spend billions on advertising to create super consumers that grow emotional attachments to their products, products that not only have a detriment to the health of everyone that consumes them but to the lives of those people in the lands where these corporations cut corners in the pursuit of the dollar and ruin natural water courses and aquifers, making land non-arable.
Banksy does evolution

We have all been there and seen it, used it, drank it, done it and/or played with their free Disney movie toy, but we have the power to choose. We can choose to break free of this cycle and not let our children's futures be hijacked by them.

It is 'time' to save the humans.

Stealing your children. Banksy 'beat the feeling'

Coca-Cola employee of the century...

Pictures by Banksy and Dejavusion Media.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

National Day Of Action

Today for the first time in over 30 years there has been a national strike in the United Kingdom. It comes as a result of years of successive Governments running rough shod over all sections of society and it has been lead by the public sector today.

Unions voted in numbers with a resounding 'YES' vote to take industrial action and around the country picket lines, marches and rallies have been held with a resounding success. I attended and spoke at one such meeting where a number of unions, some on strike for the first time in their history, gathered together to demonstrate their anger towards the Government and the banking terrorists. People from all walks of life, young and old were represented and it was a joy to see so many united for one cause.

For this I thank you David Cameron.

The day started with a gathering at a local park, news cameras and local radio stations were present and a some what healthy estimation of about 300 people gathered. At 11:30 we began our march through town and suddenly it seemed as though our numbers trebled. As we reached the brow of a hill I could see people the length of both streets. Easily 1000 people were marching, bringing our town to a brief halt as traffic had to wait for our route to clear.
Was he silenced?
The usual round of chants took off and people stopped in the streets to ask questions, unbelievable that they were not aware of the first national strike for a generation but apparently so. Chants of 'don't watch us, join us' echoed around and I then spied the MP for Luton South, Gavin Shuker in the crowd. Alas I was not to get my chance to speak to him as he disappeared before the rally speeches having apparently being 'Milibanded' as it was put to me. It seems his position of Defra in the Shadow Cabinet may have been at stake if he spoke, which if true is a disgrace. His silence to the people that elected him betray them and it is the very nature of people remaining silent in the face of tyranny that dims the light of our liberties. Once I began my address I confessed to the crowd that I am not part of a public sector scheme because I do not believe there is any chance any Government will honour any agreement, between now, and 32 years time (longer than I have been alive) when I could potentially retire.
At a recent meeting in Parliament with my Counties local MP's I expressed these concerns in a truth telling session only to be told I was irrational and perverse. Fine comments for someone that earns over twice what people in my sector earn a year and work only a quarter of the Earth years to get a full pension. Despite not having a pension to fight for personally I still fight for the pensions of others and refuse to remain silent and watch our future generations hopes and dreams be crushed by this or any other Government.

Our lives are our legacy.

So with all this the crowd was left to make do with an Oscar type, written statement of 'sorry I could not be there' from both Luton South Labour MP Gavin Shuker and Luton North  Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins.

As the rally progressed each union representative gave a break down on their specific sectors issues, with some other speakers covering wider issues regarding the cuts and the most recent news bulletins from the politicians. I too was tasked with addressing the people from my sectors perspective with less than 12 hours notice. Deep joy.
With a couple of spare Earth hours at work I knocked up a speech and took my turn to speak. I decided to focus my address on the issue of unity, the theme being 'Unity is our Strength'. For months now there has been a constant battle pitting private and public sector workers against each other, with the Government controlled media constantly drip feeding terms such as 'union barons', 'gold plated pensions' and so on in their news articles.
Remember Hitler once said 'make the lie big, make it simple, keep repeating it and eventually they will believe it'. I sought to expose their lies, created by them, to divide and conquer us.
They continually try to pit private sector against public sector when the truth of the matter is we are all suffering at the hands of successive Governments and the banking terrorists that they get their money from i.e the Bank of England. I highlighted the issue that it is not that public sector pensions are unsustainable or gold plated, rather that private sector pensions are a disgrace and that we should ALL be fighting to raise the standard of their pay and pensions, not to decimate the public sector.

Of course there is the hidden agenda that with the worsening of the public sector pay and pension schemes it makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to privatisation.

Moving on from the unity theme I touched on the political aspect. It was convenient that I happened to see Ed Balls on the BBC News this morning state that the Tory Government had gone 'too deep, too fast' with their cuts, a statement Ed Miliband had the audacity to make as he addressed the mass demonstration in London on March 26th in Hyde Park. Do not believe the hype. Labour have never said no to cuts, just 'not too fast, not too soon'.
This is totally unacceptable.
Our Governments can find billions of pounds a year to fight illegal wars, billions of pounds for the Trident nuclear project to maintain a seat on the security council and billions of pounds to bail out banking terrorists, but they cannot find the money to pay a decent wage and pension to the people today so that they may retire in comfort tomorrow? I do not accept this and neither should you.

It is an utter disgrace and a betrayal to us all, condemning our future generations to a life time of debt.

I finished on a positive note leaving the public to consider this, that ultimately it comes down to a choice between fear and love of one another. The power of choice is what makes us who we are. With out going too Bill Hicks on them I finished with a quote "we can continue to participate in the lies they have created for us, or we can begin to create our own reality"

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The War Must Go On

The Independent article on our WMD's
The movie 'Lord of War' could not have been more accurate as to the way the Military Industrial Complex works.
On February 25th 2011, the UK trade in arms with current despots, was highlighted once again in various news outlets whilst the Arab Spring protesters were being put down by weapons bought here in the UK. I wrote about this as our countries appetite for war leaves a bad taste. (

A few months later in September the arms fair ran with large banquets and a who's who of the International Community. There was a degree of negative publicity over the exposure of the fact that some of the banks bailed out by the public, Lloyds TSB for one, have been funding the research and development of the banned cluster bomb.  The Independent and The Guardian ran lengthy publications about their experience of attempting to buy these weapons of mass destruction from multinational corporations and highlighted the murky world that is the trading of arms. (

Unfortunately however this is not a new phenomenon for the UK or Imperialist West.

They have long been dealing with so called despots for the sake of a slice of the economic pie.  A documentary on the 'Top Documentaries' website called 'Flying The Flag' hosted by none other than Investigative Journalist John Pilger, blew open the shameful lengths our Governments have gone to over the years to secure a pound. The documentary first aired nearly 20 years ago and covered our cosy relationship with Saddam Hussein, the fact that this sort of thing still goes on today should lead to such people as Tony Blair and David Cameron being tried for war crimes.

Whilst the working men, women and children of this country go to fight wars in foreign countries for resources (killing other working men, women and children) they risk being killed by people supplied by our Governments, with our own weapons. The war mongers that sent them in the first place stay safe sat in swish hotels, eating caviar, fabricating the next set of lies with the mainstream media on why we should obliterate another country.
It was a brilliant effort by John Pilger who's other great documentary 'The War You Don't See' is also on Top Documentaries and is a recommended viewing.

If this was not enough, whilst you have been reading this America has agreed a $53m arms package with Bahrain to assist it with any foreign aggression. The fact they have been violently oppressing protesters for change since February seems to have gone by the way side. Supplying countries with questionable human rights records seems to be a past time for the Imperial West as Indonesia was involved in the potential purchase of several Typhoon Fighter Jets with the UK back in March.

They say if you are not out raged then you are not paying attention.


Monday, 28 November 2011

The World IS Our Paradise

Lucas Media and Dejavusion have taken some clips from around the world and put them together in this pretty little video.  The Earth is magnificent, from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain it is breath taking in its beauty and it is our home. We have a duty to look after it, not for the Earth's sake but for our sake. The Earth will still be here long after man has gone and it is that very reason we should cherish and look after it, so that we can live a long and prosperous future, with a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the Animal Kingdom we form a part of.

Follow the link below to view.


In July of this yearI wrote a piece about the future tensions between America and China ( since this there have been numerous news articles regardingthis very issue with indeed the Daily Mail taking the story by the horns with a piece on American troop deployment in Australia (

This comes as the South China Sea dispute has grown louder in recent months with the Chinese laying claim to it and various other nations putting theirs in also.  The oil and gas reserves in this Sea I am sure is of no consequence regarding this issue. President Obama addressed APEC in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago where he stoked the fire with China by applauding them on the one hand with regard to their assistance in putting sanctions on Iran, whilst making an under hand comment about their economy stating that in fairness to the International Community, China should adhere to the Market Base rate thus making trade fairer between the Western World and China (

The Chinese are booming, they have projected growth far out reaching anything the UK can hope to achieve over the next two years. They will continue to prove to be a very troublesome figure for the Imperialist Alliance in the West.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Time To Come Home

Lucas Media and Dejavusion have been busy putting together this latest effort, a run down on the cost of war. Most news reports focus on the cost of war based on a monetary or currency context, here at the ranch we consider the cost of life from a human perspective. The multitude of video games out there today have made war a game, with visceral images depicting the glory of war, thus desensitising the real truth behind it all. That war is hell.

The video is just a few Earth minutes long, check it out following the link below.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Liquid Lifesaver

One mans vision- clean drinking water for all
In March this year I wrote about a wonderful new invention called 'Lifesaver Bottle' as demonstrated by Michael Pritchard at TED talks in 2009.  This device enables you to pretty much drink anything.  If you are near a water source the Lifesaver bottle is able to filter it and provide clean drinking water.  This of course would have numerous benefits for areas affected by disasters (man made or otherwise) where access to clean drinking water, essential for life, is limited or absent altogether.  So in light of this, plus my aversion to bottled water, I decided to invest in this technology and find out for myself.

I bought the device from Amazon through the Internet and within 3 days it arrived at my doorstep.  Excitement and apprehension came all at once but having read numerous reviews from the website and YouTube I decided to suck it up and get on with it. On my first free day I headed to the nearest source of unclean, standing water in town....the river lea, where I filmed what happened.  Suffice to say I have lived to tell the tail and the video explains a little more, if I can fathom out the technical difficulties I am having then this video shall be yours to see!
It is an amazing piece of kit and goes to show once more what technology can do for us.

'Originally posted on November 17th, since then we have solved the technical difficulties with the video upload and can finally show the bottle first hand, as it were' NNI

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Silence Must Be Heard

It is hard sometimes to stay focused, when confronted by so many issues it is easy to get swallowed up and lose your thread and so it was for me recently at the Occupy London Stock Exchange. Tensions rose following an armed police raid on a Kurdish tent after an accusation that the group were carrying guns,  this turned out to be false but the damage to their reputation and presence there had already been done. The Kurdish tent pitched up at the footsteps of St Paul's Cathedral provides an uneasy sight for the UK Government as they, Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union have labelled the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) a terrorist group and the very prospect of everyday Londoners, tourists and protesters engaging in meaningful conversation in to the untold story of Kurds in Turkey proved too much.

At one of the general assemblies, where members of the Occupy Working groups stand and disseminate the latest news, a man stood and spoke out about the incident looking to encourage people to engage with the Kurds.  I decided to take this opportunity and introduced myself to the gentleman at the end of his address.  He told me a bit about himself (his name was Mark) and then invited me into the tent where I met four others in a picture of tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy London road just yards from them. Shy at first they each introduced themselves to me before going on to explain their history.

As with all things you have to look to the history books to fully understand a current situation or predicament, such as Tibet, Ireland and of course Palestine.

Kurdistan it seems was to be a country of its own right to self rule, along with Armenia, after the break up of the Ottoman Empire following the signing of the Treaty of Sevres. Unfortunately however it was never ratified. This meant after the area fell to the forces of Kemal Ataturk and the reconquest complete, it led to the Treaty of Lausanne and the modern borders of Turkey, leaving the Kurds with no self ruled region. Rebellion ensued between 1925 and 1965 and later from 1983 the Kurdish Workers Party was labelled a terrorist organisation due to the activities of the activist arm the PKK. The 1980's and 1990's saw much blood shed and this is where the information from this group became particularly upsetting.

I was told how their families are not allowed to give their family name to their children, how the practice of their language is restricted and how their people were slaughtered by the army. Towns razed to the ground by flame throwers, mutilation, rape and torture.
In short, ethnic cleansing.
Mark was encouraged to tell me about his own personal experiences of the Kurdish struggle and the town of Lice (pronounced Leejay) when working as a photographer and journalist in the area in 1993, he came across a scene of true horror. On October 22nd and 23rd 1993 the Turkish army went to Lice and burned it to the ground whilst shooting those people running for cover. Lice was home to 35,000 humans.

Mark has his own Twitter and blog page with information and images which I shall attach at the end for you to see and make your own mind up and I urge you to.

Eventually they went on to discuss with me their experiences at the hands of our police, it came to light that some of the police in question were in fact Turkish speaking. As I sat and listened to them all it became more apparent to me as to why there had been this alarmist raid by the police. The debacle surrounding the St Paul's Cathedral has been a media circus, particularly around the 'will they, won't they' eviction nonsense, Remembrance Sunday was fast approaching and so the sight of this political statement turning up on their corporate doorstep was a huge problem.  The best way to discredit this peaceful move was to pray on the peoples fear of terror. Hitler once said "Make the lie big, make it simple. Keep repeating it and eventually they will believe it."  All I can say is ask more questions, if you are in the area speak to the Kurdish people. Listen to what they have to say and make up your own mind.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Occupy Together, From Home...

It would be easy to sit with a cigar on the balcony and watch the struggle play out as the Euro crashes and the economy hits a double dip recession with a bit of Louis Armstrong 'Gone Fishing' in the background but then that would not be very...Christian of me. So instead I have been mulling over the question of "what next?" or "what do we do now?" in response to the global unrest and Occupy movements springing up around the world.  With the 'Occupy Together' date coming up this Friday November 11th where the world potentially takes to the street in a show of anger and protest it is only getting bigger and a solution is needed.

After some considerable discussion with people and a copious amount of coffee I decided it was not for me to come up with a solution...but I did have an idea and ideas can spread like ripples in a pond.

A few months ago a Facebook group was created about not paying for petrol on a particular day.  I proposed an alternative to this whereby everyone would fill up and not pay full stop.  The beauty you see is if everyone acted as one in this way it would cripple the court system.  If you disagree with me take a look back to the recent London riots where a couple of thousand looters stretched our court system to it's limits with many courts running through the night to process all the cases. Multiply that chaos by a few million people not paying for petrol and you will see my point. We are each powerful individuals in our own right and it is time we realised this.

It becomes a simple choice, between continuing to participate in the lie they have created for you, or you can start to create your own reality.

The slave that defied an Empire
Which brings me back to my original idea, if everyone refused to pay back their mortgage and occupy their own home the system would not cope.  The problem is solidarity or the potential for a lack of it. On our own it is easy to get picked off and crushed but as many we are strong.
An "I am Spartacus!" moment is required.
The principle remains the same though, if the millions of people out there with mortgages stopped their mortgage payments this would provide a much more powerful message to the 'takers' running our economies into the ground for their personal gains.

Remember these people profit from the climate of fear THEY create with downward markets.  All there is to fear is fear itself. Our entire currency system is a dream and if we choose to wake up it is finished.

Why stop there? Stop paying your over inflated student loan as someone just put it to me, stop paying the criminals at British Gas making billions of pounds of profit this year despite selling gas to its customers on the cheap but are now increasing prices in time for the up coming harsh winter.

Sticking to the issue at hand people are asking "what next?" and after initially feeling a little stumped I return to the source. It is simply a choice between continuing to participate in the lie or starting to create your own reality. In the words of Alessio Rastani "I have been dreaming of this moment for years" and I truly hope the Spartacus moment is about to occur.

The War Against War

10,000 hrs to become a genius?
Back in the time of such greats as Jimi Hendrix music of a political nature used to fly through the mainstream air waves, but today the remnants of the 80's soda pop movement, as once famously described by Bill Hicks, has left a flaccid and rank amateur bunch in their absence.
I used to ask the question "where had the great anti-establishment music gone?" only to accidentally stumble across Michael Franti (before he sold out or got conned by Obama) The Flobots and Bliss & Eso. Where as most of the modern music 'artists' are happy to sing about cheap sexual thrills, one night stands, S&M and coca cola, people such as Bliss & Eso are hard hitting and topical but increasingly unlikely to make it mainstream (unless like Franti you get duped by an actor looking to secure a vote during an election campaign) as shows like X-factor and American Idol continue to flood the arena with processed wannabe's.

I eagerly await Franti's next album exploiting the actor currently in office at the White House.

This is not to say that there have been no good singers or performers, as Leona Lewis has proved, but she is enslaved by the Simon Cowell cash cow and not likely to rock the boat speaking out against the injustices of this world, unlike Lauryn Hill.
Lauryn Hill released a song called 'I get out' which I believe was a direct slap in the face to this system and not before time. Unfortunately I do not believe she has done much about it since and was probably declared crazy by MTV or some other media outlet.

As soon as someone rises to challenge or expose this system (as stock broker Alessio Rastani found out after being interviewed by the BBC recently) the ranks close file and the news repeaters strive to discredit or humiliate.

So I shall continue to dig, share and receive pointers in the direction of artists providing a voice for the silent majority and share the latest effort from Dejavusion in association with Lucas Media, 'The War on War' with a little help from the late and great Jimi Hendrix.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Wake Up Call

Check out the new video from Lucasmedia in association with Dejavusion.  It is a blend of hard hitting images of a world in turmoil, against the back drop of the soulful tones of Robin Thicke.

Follow the link below and comment, spread the word and look out for more from this innovative group.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

'Occupy' Movement Moves From Strength to Strength

To occupy, according to the UK Government, is to flatten a countries infrastructure with a vast quantity of cluster bombs (funded in development by banking corporations such as Lloyds TSB and Barclays) and rebuild the cities using Government contracts thus proving war is good for business. On the footsteps of St Paul's Cathedral however it has become a meaning of peace, education and hope for change.  Now in it's third week the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement has grown from strength to strength and each day seems to bring more innovative ideas than the day before.

It all goes back in the box
At 1400 on November the 5th there will be a rally held with guest speakers such as Weyman Bennet, a crusader against the rising fascism in this country (whom I have had the pleasure of meeting) and the enigmatic John Pilger, a crusader for truth in these dark times in our society.  Speakers of this magnitude go to show the depth of feeling against the feelings of un-justice we all see each day but few seem to accept.  The 'Occupy' movement globally has spread like wild fire and although the mainstream media would like you to think it is an aimless movement with no 'end game' what it does provide is the chance for people to spread awareness amongst themselves, and the thousands of visitors that come down everyday, of a whole range of issues domestically and internationally.  The human interaction is something of true beauty.

One couple I spoke to from Tunisia had family involved in the uprising almost a year ago that kicked off the Arab Spring.  They explained to me how many protestors were shot, how people were shot and killed after Ben Ali had been removed and the issues that were still prominent in their country today.  Of course, our media have moved on from such news items as there were wars to be fought in Libya and whether Wayne Rooney would be banned from the Euro's next year. The couple had only been at the Occupy LSX for the day but had seen enough to make return visits and support the movement.

Another group I spoke to where the Kurdish people and supporters, whom I am sure you will have read about in the various media outlets under the banner of 'terrorism'.  They were raided by armed police for the suspicion of having guns in their tent which turned out to be false, but by then the damage had been done.  The sight of armed police surrounding people in the midst of a peaceful demonstration has limited this particular groups ability to impact people that would have otherwise have benefited from hearing their story of oppression in Turkey. The news repeaters then proceeded to label them members of PKK, a so called terrorist group according to Turkey, the US and the European Union.

I for one was not about to be put off and went to find out more, but that is another story.

The Zeitgeist presence 
As I moved around the camp I spoke to all sorts of people, specialists in tech and media (responsible for the global connections with the other occupy cities) people who have left jobs and actively seeking part time jobs in the area because they believe so deeply in the movement.  It became apparent that this movement is here to stay.  As one person put it to me "this movement is about building infrastructure for the time when the financial system fails".  This is fundamentally changing the human nature versus the human nurture debate.  Time and again people tell me that it is human nature to be greedy or to not want to help others but I believe this to not be the case and to some extent know this to not be the case.  The Occupy LSX is proof of this as people donate their time and labour across all manner of expertise from law to simple administrational duties.

You are your labour.

There are some humans of course running around throwing out comments such as "of course they are unemployed, how else can you protest unless you are on the rock and roll" If said individual actually stopped for 5 minutes to ask the question, rather than believe the Daily Mail, he would have known that not everyone here is unemployed.  There are city workers staying here, public sector workers staying here and as I keep mentioning, EACH of them is contributing in their own way for free.  There are 36 working groups here covering every aspect of society from sanitation to waste disposal and health care, all being run more efficiently than your local borough council that employ fortnightly waste collections!
There is no litter, street cleaners here are not being cut back.

The new Finsbury Square occupy
Even I received personal insults telling me I should be ashamed, when asked ashamed of what the lady replied "it's just a free kip in the city".  Too right, why would anyone pay £200-500 or more a night for a hotel when you can pitch a tent and receive a free education in life lessons?  Some newspapers are concerned the Occupy movement will still be here during the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics.... I say embrace the idea and invite the world to Occupy London during the Olympics.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shoes Please

Now correct me if I am wrong but pre September 2001 I am sure I did not have to put my liquids in to tiny bottles no more than 100ml and see through plastic bags, nor did I have to take my shoes, belt and fillings (if I had any) off or out to appease ever tighter security measures? So when I saw in a Time Magazine supplement this week in glorious Berlin, that "9/11 did not change everything except for a tiny percentage of the worlds population" directly affected that day I was stupefied.

Getting around this paradise, that we should all be living on for free, called Earth is becoming ever more obnoxious with the relentless messages bombarding us about how we are all going to be blown up by some terrorist group, formerly led by a man now residing at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean with Megatron, at a time when the world could not really be any smaller with the presence of modern communication.
The events of 9/11 fundamentally changed the daily lives of virtually every human on the planet today and those of tomorrow for years to come, for Time magazine to make this claim was to quote Victor Meldrew "unbelievable".

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Sit-in Continues

The Occupy movement having gone global is now 1 week old in London on the outskirts of the financial district at St Paul's Cathedral and is moving from strength to strength, even as I type the evolution (as I like to call it) has spread to another part of the city, Finsbury Square.

After the initial disorder of the first day there is now an orderly chaos amongst the protestors who have come together in a show of solidarity of the human spirit that is encouraging in these times where mainstream media strives to divide us. The entire court yard has become a city, within a city, within a city. A first I am sure, if you discount the farce in Israel. Anyone that has seen The Matrix will agree the tent city has a feel of Zion about it.

Generators chug on throughout the day and night powering the information centre, medical centre and catering arena with volunteers coming to the aide of others to provide whatever assistance is required for the men, women and children of all ages present here. There is even a mini cinema centre supplied where a series of informational DVDs are played to educate people on alternative energy solutions, education and of course the Zeitgeist documentaries made by Peter Joseph. One tent had gone one step further and is supplying it's power through solar panels. A nice touch. Other entertainment includes your usual selection of bongos, plastic buckets and acoustic guitars. A new addition for protests however was the site of a piano at the footsteps of the cathedral where renditions of David Bowie played on late into the twilight hours.

All this once again serves to answer the debate on human nature vs human nurture as people donate their time, effort and labour for free, towards a common goal for all.

My return to the courtyard was met with a frosty reception from the local security firm employed by the finical district (City of London Police) who found a particular piece of art work offensive due to the nature of the language on it and the fact that children were present on camp. I should have asked if they thought the children would be more, or less, affected by the site of my poster or the site of Colnel Gaddafi being dragged and beaten to a bloody pulp before being shown dead at 0800 in the morning on the BBC whilst they eat their cornflakes, getting ready for a day at school but I digress. The sheer amount of art on display in the court yard is impressive, thought and effort has gone into it and I believe Banksy would be proud of some of the stuff on display himself.

The media blackout being spun by local media is interesting, or media spin should I say. Throughout the week I have kept an eye on certain media outlets and of the 21 or so people interviewed (out of the thousands that have been here during this time) they managed to select the unemployed student, student or made redundant humans that are protesting their point. The reality of the matter is that there are all types of people here. Parents and grandparents with children that are protesting for their children's future, public sector workers from all areas, business people that are on the sharp end of the banking corporations stick. The moral of the story I guess is to not believe everything that the Rupert Murdoch or Government controlled news outlets tell you. Ask more questions and research your news from a wider range of sources, make use of the Internet before it is too late.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Evolution Begins?

Power to the peaceful
October 15th 2011, the day people around the world united in sending a message to the one percenters telling them "this shits got to go". Demonstrations are taking place in 951 cities over 82 countries and Newell News International is at the heart of it in St Pauls Cathedral.

Today we really are one planet.

This is the third demonstration in 12 months covered by us and as always it is good humoured amid a rather large police presence. We have of course been told before entering the lions den that we do so at our own risk and may face being detained if it all goes wrong tonight, probably in response to the kettling incidents of November. Once again however I am disappointed to find that the podium speaker is requesting representatives from each 'group' to speak....are we not all one group? The Human race group.

The people seem to be here for the duration on the steps, I have posed the question why we are not outside the Bank of England. Democracy, for what its worth, has spoken and they plan to stay here and have just been addressed by Julian Assange who requested that the banking corporations are made as transparent as the police have made him today.  The demonstrations are loud and relatively focused without the malice that has descended upon the Italian Occupy movement in Rome.  Let us hope that the peaceful movement continues, as a wise man once put it to me, if you lose your temper then you have lost the plot.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ask More Questions

This year saw the very high profile fall from grace of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, in the alleged rape case. The trouble with mud you see is if you throw enough of it, it sticks, and with the ever present Murdoch Newscorp, there was plenty of it flying around. The Times, The Sun and others lead a relentless campaign about the goings on that night.

Strauss-Kahn was the head of the IMF at a time of great financial instability for the world. Quantitive Easing had become a way of life in trying to ease the economic tensions of the world and Strauss- Kahn famously disagreed with this philosophy. On September 27th 2010 Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega claimed that the world was "in the midst of a currency war", Strauss-Kahn however was toeing the party line about the fear of a currency war and saying the chances of this were low. By early October he was singing a very different tune. He went on to say using currencies as weapons "is not a solution [and] it can even lead to a very bad situation. There's no domestic solution to a global problem"

A house built of cards is destined to collapse.

Sealed with a handshake
In the 2010 movie 'The Inside Job', narrated by Matt Damon, Strauss-Kahn disagreed with QE on the basis that flooding the market with more money would not solve the problem that the capitalist system creates. What happened next has been well documented. Strauss-Kahn was accused by a solitary maid of assault of a sexual nature. He stood down as IMF chief and was duly replaced by the current head, Christine Lagarde, and a nice picture appeared in a Murdoch newspaper of Nicolas Sarkozy and Rupert Murdoch shaking hands prompting lines like "sealed with a handshake?"  The French Presidents main rival for the election campaign in 2012 had been dealt a severe blow and with the history and evidence of Murdoch's influence over Governments in the UK so clear it raises the question "was there foul play at work?"

Christine Lagarde has no issue with QE, and in the last week had authorised millions of US Dollars to be released into the money system to help ease fears of economic slow down in the Euro zone and the fear of Greek debt default.

Not only had the head of the IMF, who had made a u-turn on policy of currency war been removed but so too was Sarkozy's main rival for the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Two birds with one stone.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mans Reach Exceeds His Grasp?

All the hard work is done for you

Are the children of today less creative than the children of yesteryear?

In a word yes.

Imagination, the most beautiful thing a child can have, is being stolen away from them at a time when it is needed most. Sir Ken Robinson famously asked at TED Talks the question "do schools kill creativity?" to which the answer must be unequivocally "yes".  During his 20 minutes he told a story of a woman who told him about her childhood, being 8 years old and a "disruptive influence" on fellow class mates, as her head teacher puts it to her parents; a scene I am sure we are all familiar with or can recall such characters.  The head then proceeded to switch on a radio and invite the parents to leave the room with him and watch her.  She began to tap her feet and hands, "she's not disruptive, she just needs to go to a dance school" he explained.  Or so the story goes, and she was enrolled by her parents in to such a school where she found like minded pupils and went onto become a famous, millionaire choreographer on the West End and Broadway.

In today's society Sir Ken Robinson claims that the child in question would be diagnosed with ADHD and given some medication, I agree.

This is not to say every parent should, or has the means, to enrol their children in to all manner of specialist schools to find something that might inspire them. However, it is true to say that the current education system is stagnated and fixed on it's path since its inception from the industrial revolution. If you do not get the grades in Maths, English and Science you are deemed a failure and success is based almost solely on these subjects.

On a much more general scale creativity and imagination is being taken out of our children's hands, gone are the days it seems where children would create entire worlds from nothing but the grey matter that they are gifted with at birth.
Lego is a fine example of something that has been taken and turned into a profit driven cash cow , where the main drive is maximising profits rather than unleashing the creative mind of the next Leonardo Da Vinci or Jacque Fresco.  In the last 20 years since I was a child building monster trucks, tanks and castles I have seen a dramatic shift in Lego and its focus.  Now instead of building a fire engine you can buy one more or less ready made. Instead of building an X-wing fighter from Star Wars, you can buy one more or less ready made, and so on.

There is no need to imagine it and build it. It is done for you.

The same can be said for the basic art of play time. Dressing up as Superman, Batman, Spider-man or Harry Potter (it pains me to mention Potters name in the same breath as such heroes) can now only be done with the official costumes as seen in Toys R Us or some other corporate cash cow company peddling their products to kids.  When I was a child a broom handle made a great lightsabre and it did not cost anywhere near the £10-20 that they are ripping off already financially stressed parents.  The same cannot be said for today's children who now insist on having the official Harry Potter wand to be the mug-blood wizard where a stick would do the same job. That is if their imagination were up to the task. It seems todays children can imagine nothing like the scenes from Nickelodeon's Rugrats, where boxes and living rooms become huge worlds of dinosaurs and grand adventures, with their minds alone.

I could go on about bathrobes doubling up as capes for Superman or Darth Vader but you may be suspecting that I have far too much play time on my hands myself and a strange affinity to the man of steel. 

So in essence it seems as though children are not able to freely entertain themselves as they once were in previous generations.  I am sure you would have heard various golden oldies such as "in my day we had a yo yo" and the various Facebook posts "we played till it got dark, got a clip around the ear, raised on Blue Peter...." etc etc and to some extent it is a Playstation generation problem but it is also a problem of our own making as we now live in a constant state of fear, when all we have to fear is fear itself.

Blue: Expressing the human body in all its glory
A programme called Concrete Circus (now on 4oD) aired on Channel 4 this week, at 2100.  Ridiculous when you consider the direct target audience or the supposedly 'lost generation', would either be asleep or at the mercy of their parents viewing habits.  Part of Channel 4's urban society, about four of the best in urban sports featuring skate boarding, trial riding, free running and bmx flat landing.  It was a truly epic piece.  At 28 I know what will hurt and what is not going to hurt (so the chances of me recreating any of the moves seen in this show are remote) but for the 'lost generation' between say 8 and, well not 28, there was a lot to be gained by watching it.  By seeing how amazing the human body truly is and what it is capable of achieving with even a small amount of application.  In the case of free running, so long as you have a pair of half decent running trainers, or a freshly looted pair from JD Sports, you can be away in no time, with no specialist equipment.  Just the nerve and mettle to carry out some of the actions but then this is the crux of it.

You are only limited by your own imagination on what you can achieve.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

Following the recent rioting and subsequent looting in London and around the UK there have been unsurprising knee jerk reactions from all sides, from Dr Starkey's claim that "white chavs have become black" to the call for National Service to be reintroduced as we fight to solve the problems of the 'lost generation'.  Whilst Dr Starkey's outburst on Newsnight has caused much outrage throughout the country, the latter has struck a chord with an alarming majority of people in the UK. (

What people should be wary of however is the underlying cause why this may now be pushed through by the Government.

Army numbers are down to their lowest levels since the Boer War. (  A brief increase in 2009, attributed to the recession, has not done enough to mitigate the damage done by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and now Libya) through retention due to the sheer frequency of operations our troops face and the casualties sustained.  This is before the ConDem Government conspired to cut back services financing, including that of the armed forces.

To off set this reduction in numbers the UK and US Governments have widened the pool from which they can recruit to the front line.

Back on March 8th I wrote an article on news that had gone by quietly and relatively unnoticed ( it was about the UK Governments stance on "watering down" the theme of domestic violence particularly in "periods of war time" as it was put by Home Secretary Theresa May (
This article appeared in a paper on the same day as International Women's day, alongside an article highlighting the career progression obstacles women face in our armed forces because they cannot serve on the front line. The cynic in me sees this as a way of paving the way forward to allow women on the front line and a way to increase recruitment.  Similar in essence as to how (and why) cigarette companies started advertising their products to women, so that the corporations could draw larger profit margins by opening the market up to over 50% of the population.
The US Government meanwhile has sought to relax its rules on the recruitment of Homosexuals and suspend its "don't ask, don't tell" discharges (

The conscription of children of the UK to the armed forces, to bolster their numbers, is something the British public should be very wary to vote in or support in any way.  If they do they will sign away their children (or worse someone else's children) to fight illegal wars for billionaires, in foreign lands, over oil and water and any other resource or commodity that these war lords deem a 'necessity' for the people.

Do not be under any illusions that Cameron's children, or Katie and Williams children, will be those sent out to the front line.

The scenes last week around the country may have been unsightly, the coverage of a family business that survived two world wars was a poignant one, but how many of those rioters even know what the Blitz was?
Suzanne Moore in The Mail On Sunday
Before people allow the Government to further sensor our liberties they should stop and ask the question "why?", why were men women and children running through the streets and looting these stores?
The capitalist system we live in must take some measure of responsibility for what happened on our streets.
Since the 1980's there has been a very noticeable shift in advertising and marketing, and it is very much fixated on the children of today.  The saying goes the children of today are the adults of tomorrow.  In marketing terms this means the children of today are the consumers of tomorrow. It is key that they get them young with emotional attachment to 'things' and these things become attachments to the feeling of happiness, which is not the case.

Your children are immersed in 360 degree advertising and marketing.  Sit and watch one of their shows with them and you too will see this to be the case.

The advertising and marketing firms actively push their products on people not old enough to work or buy them and so force the onus on to parents, already under the burden and strain of inflation at the petrol pumps, at the supermarkets and hostage to the energy companies squeezing them for every last penny.  Is it any wonder some people went out to take things they would never otherwise be able to afford?

The documentary 'Consuming Kids' ( is eye opening in its depiction of the world we live in today.  Take the time to look and see how things are advertised and marketed, not only to children but to yourselves.

It is not the product but the perception of a way of life they are selling to you.

If you think I am wrong then tell me, debate with me.  The evidence for these things are out there if you are prepared to not only look, but see.

Friday, 12 August 2011

London's Burning

Once a childhood song and popular television show, the term could now be adapted to the riots of 2011 and future generations of our children may well be told of a different story to the origin of this song.

On Thursday August 4th 2011 a man named Mark Duggan was shot dead by the police in Ferry Lane, Tottenham.  The circumstances around this are not clear and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) say they will investigate it.  The police of late however have not fared too well when it comes to publicity.
The Jean Charles De Menezes case in July 2005 came shortly after the July 7th bombings, when tensions in the UK were high.  This left the police reputation in tatters as stories leaked, counter stories and contradiction reigned supreme, add this to the more recent hacking enquiry and a lot of the public just do not believe what is said by the authorities, or have much in the way of faith.
The resulting shooting of Mark Duggan led to a protest outside the police station in Tottenham on Saturday, August 6th.  It is not known exactly what sparked the unrest but the BBC News website claims it was provoked by a confrontation between a young protestor and a police officer, though this has not been substantiated.

What happened next was like a trip back in time to the riots of the 1980's.

Map of incidents
Long in to Saturday night the police and protestors battled it out and this unrest soon spread around the country with incidents in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Gloucester.  These disturbances went on into the early hours of Wednesday morning when things seemed to calm down some what.
There was tragedy too with 3 young men being run down in Birmingham, the police investigation is under way but it is understood that the car was involved in looting.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, returned to England and it was all guns blazing.  He made a big booming speech outside Downing Street whereby he laid down the law quite chilling claiming that if you were "old enough to commit the crime, the you were old enough to face the punishment" as he told the world that 16,000 police officers would be deployed in London to quell the rebellion.  This the same guy that is planning to slash police numbers and slash the pension which they work and pay in to for so long and hard to earn.

The man has a nerve to publicly praise the public services (police, fire and ambulance) on the one hand and stab them in the back with the other.

Fire fighters in Croydon battle a blaze
Cameron went on to Parliament where he criticised the initial police response and laid out a list of potential responses to these "acts of criminality" which include looking in to what actions the army could under take to release police on to the front line, monitoring and subsequent closure of social networks where it is deemed there may be criminal activity or intent, authorising the use of water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse crowds, reviewing curfews and dispersal of large numbers of people gathering. Phew.  This was not exhaustive as the Prime Minister has declared this the "fight back".  It was interesting to note that at no point did Cameron try to discus the role he and his predecessors have had in fostering the environment in which these people rioted, burned and looted throughout the country.

The cuts, the banking bail out (where these were deemed to be institutions too big to fail) the lack of education, lack of jobs and the price of living were left firmly alone by virtually all MPs of note.  No one it seemed was prepared to shoulder some of the blame for it is now being described as 'the lost generation'.

This lost generation is a product of an environment, a system, that system has failed them and is failing billions of people around the globe.

The system catapults talentless nobodies in to positions of 'stardom', via the social conditioning box, with such gems as Big Brother, X-factor, Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Katie and Peter, I'm a Celebrity etc, then complains when this generation of kids (raised by kids) that have both been immersed in this trash on our screens riot. Take a look at a news stand next time you go shopping.  There are literally hundred of magazines parading 'celebrities' and glamorising their way of life.  Lets face it the majority of the people featured in these magazines are not famous for being talented or skilled, rather famous for being famous.  So an entire generation want the same thing but do not understand the meaning of self discipline and sacrifice to earn and achieve such things.

People like Cameron come out and state that these people want "something for nothing" or that the "world owes them something". Yes the world does owe them something. An apology for creating them in this mould to start off with.