Sunday, 2 June 2013

Newell News-round up, week 10.

You could not make it up. Week after week the 'you couldn't make it up' files get ever more outlandish.

The art of stealing tax payers money and lining their economic terrorist mates pockets. Darling David Cameron and jolly George Osborne, not content with secret courts, now want to privatise them. What? Something that seems to be lost on this bunch of blood thirsty, soul sucking vampires is that these public services are there to provide its citizens with a service, they are not there to make money and profit for their private profiteers mates.

If this was not bad enough private firms will soon be sending astronauts into space, giving us the Coca-Cola moon.

Human Rights
The former head of MI5, Stella Rimington, has said we should be spying on our neighbours to assist domestic security if we "did not want a stazi state" because the enemy is everywhere. I am not sure what books she has read or where she went to school but is that not exactly the sort of thing that the Nazi's did in the 1930's? This sort of fear mongering and hate inducement is scandalous, we are living in a time where our liberties are being taken away from us in broad daylight and they are trying every underhanded way of justifying it.

Mervyn King stands down as head of the Bank of England (home of the banking terrorists and daddy's pig) and says he is taking a gap year. Nice that he can afford to sun himself whilst the rest of the pensioners have to go back to work to help themselves out of fuel poverty. He has also come out and said that he thought people in the UK had a right to be angry with banks following the economic crises, but that we would have come out and been angrier sooner. Strange he should wait till he stands down to question why we have not taken to the streets sooner but we agree with him. First you have to get mad and it just seems like far too many people are worried about what J-Lo was wearing on Britain's Got Talent.

The economic forecast is still unsure whilst people are still trying to convince us that we have turned the corner. Even a cursory glance at the local high street and you can see that the recessions is really a depression.
Globally the outlook is just as uncertain. Growth forecasts in the US are being revised down and even India has recorded its slowest growth rate for a decade.

Picture by Positive Money.

Health and Welfare
The media campaign to demonise the NHS continues apace with the 'revelation' regarding bed blockers at a hospital in Oxfordshire and a surgeon spoke to the Daily Telegraph explaining how the problems in A&E are resulting in the cancellation of operations. NHS figures show that operation cancellations have doubled under the coalition government since 2010 but when taken in context with the millions of operations undertaken across the country it equates to just 0.9% cancelled in total.

Iain Duncan-Smith, the £39 breakfast man who says we can live on £53 a week has announced that he can afford to have a further £3bn cut from his department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in a bid to protect the police and military budgets. A disgusting claim and boast from a hideous individual. We spend billions on illegal wars and arming Syrian rebels and now this man wants to further cut the assistance to people in need to perpetuate war, mistrust and hatred.
This is being backed up by other departments such as from the Ministry for Justice and Department for Local Government, the latter for which have just had the Ken Knight Review into the Fire Service  who made bold claims about how much could be cut from the sector, without giving any background or context to the debate whatsoever.

The government have been in the papers also this week for degrading back to work assessments for former soldiers who are being stripped of their benefits as a result, by the government SS torture group ATOS. Sent out to fight illegal wars, damaged sometimes physically and mentally and then thrown on the scrap heap by the very people that sent them out there. The very reason why charities like Help for Heroes exist in the first place.

The magic of stem cells looms on the horizon again as doctors seem to have found a way to regrow bones and damaged cartilage. I shall be awaiting my appointment with baited breath.

The technology world is going stark raving mad. After last weeks announcement of the drone army being used by the German Rail company to chase graffiti artists, Motorola have crossed the line of the absurd by creating a solution to all those passwords we have to remember in the digital age. It is called the electronic tattoo. Not content with that step towards Rfid chipping they have also come up with a pill we can all swallow that is powered by stomach acids that can supply our gadgets with the codes we need to log in.

In other news the US have eased restrictions on the Iranians for the purposes of buying the iPhone. How nice of them. This comes at a time when the Iranian sanctions are having a dramatic affect on the price of domestic goods and purchasing power of its people, due to the devaluing of the rial (Iran's currency) The export of pistachio nuts are affected by this but at least they can use the iPhone.
You could not make it up.

The people of Turkey have taken back to the streets once again raising the importance of the occupy movement. The reason for the mass mobilisation has been in response to the Turkish governments insistence on developing a park near Taksim Square. The people have likened it to the Mayors of New York or London announcing the demolition of Central or Hyde Park for a few flats. Anyone who knows of Boris Johnson knows that this is not much of a reach for his buffoonery.
1,700 people plus have been arrested by the authorities once again highlighting how the state have hijacked the police to protect them from us, when they should be there to protect us from the state.

The Chinese have been flexing their muscles over the disputed islands in the South China sea, claiming that the islands there have been part of their territory since ancient times. This is an argument they fail to recognise when discussing Tibet as once upon a history the Chinese Emperor had to give a princess to the Tibetan Lord such was their strength and power and the region in the 17th Century, throwing into question their belief that it was always 'their territory'. In the end what do any one of us ever really own?

William Hague was on the radio this week explaining how we comply with International law when talking about the Syrian arms embargo being lifted. I almost choked on my lemon water as he said it recalling the current illegal wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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