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Newell News-round up, week 11 -1984 Special

Week 11, the week when the lid on Orwellian society blew up in the states face. If you did not think it before you will now, we are living in Orwell's 1984 but don't worry, you have nothing to fear.

Human Rights: PRISM - EDWARD SNOWDEN and Bradley Manning

The Guardian and the Washington Post blew open the sensational news that the UK and US governments have been colluding to spy on civilian data using the US National Security Agency ((NSA) program Prism. The man responsible is Edward Snowden, a former employee of the CIA, and he has fled to Hong Kong boasting of their history for supporting freedom of speech and expression. Quite amusing considering he is from the supposed land of the free. Today however the mainstream media have been climbing over themselves to inform us that Snowden's belief he will not be extradited from Hong Kong may be short sighted and wrong. The US are said to have gathered the data of millions if not billions of calls and interactions with the GCHQ perhaps piggy backing this to circumvent laws that prevent the UK currently from eaves dropping on people here. William Hague has come out in defence of the scandal and said that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. It is just a shame that ethos does not stretch as far as the closed Bilderberg meeting that took place this week in Watford. How long though is it before the person who has nothing to fear becomes a dissident, or an unruly activist unhappy with the fascist regime  at the say so of the state and then they too fall under this umbrella of 'extremism'. Some will say we sit on the precipice of the slippery slop of no return but I would say we have already crossed that point, with the three year detention of Bradley Manning, who went on trial this week for leaking documents to Wikileaks, for exposing grotesque abuses and war crimes by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The state does not appreciate the torch being shone upon the darkest recesses of their closets it seems.
Edward Snowden said he could not work and live in a world where surveillance of everyday people was being conducted in the way it was.
It is a mad world that we live in. When two men who have exposed corruption, war crimes, human rights atrocities and breaches of a fundamental human right, the right to a private life, in the supposed pursuit of our safety in the face of terrorism, are deemed enemies of the state; yet war criminals such as George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron are continually allowed to encroach on our freedoms and liberties and export death, destruction and cancer (via depleted uranium) in countries where brown people reside.

The very fact that people like darling David Cameron and William Hague are trying to convince that everything is OK should be enough to set warning bells off in people. Barack Obama openly came out and lied by saying that no one was listening to people's phone calls, he then went on to say: "We cannot expect 100% security and 100% privacy and zero inconvenience and that we'll have to make some choices as a society.". This lot are the least noble and honest amongst and we should all be concerned about where all this is heading. At the time of writing this, William Hague was facing questions in the Houses of Parliament by MP's, all twenty of them.

Union workers have apparently been black listed with workers in the building trade still being checked off against a list that goes back twenty years. Actor Ricky Tomlinson is currently involved in a dispute with the government over the Shewsbury Pickets and explained how he too was on a list held by the government.


The PM has announced his intentions to crusade against lobbying, shamelessly using it as an opportunity to attack trade unions and the labour party. The lobbying scandal which has been dominating the news is amusing in as much as the idea that unions benefit from supporting the Labour Party in any way shape or form is ludicrous. The biggest backers of political parties are the corporations and I seem to recall Rupert Murdoch media being the biggest back of Labour last time they were i power pushing his war agenda.

The lobbying scandal comes at the same time as the Bilderberg descended upon sunny Hertfordshire. No mention of course about the great political lobbying scandal going on at the Bilderberg meeting held in Watford this year, not that these liars, thieves, cheats and scoundrels need to meet up once a year in a 'secret' venue to rule the world when they all socialise in the same circles. Both Cameron and George Osborne have previously stated their intention to drive a wrecking ball of transparency through the political system but have yet to start this process such is the murky world in which they operate. Ken Clarke has today been trying to persuade MP's that there is nothing going on at Bilderberg but when We Are Change interviewed Tony Blair recently we got perhaps the most honest two minutes of his life.

Race hatred... This week a Muslim boarding school was set on fire in the middle of the night as  tensions in the UK continue following the death of Lee Rigby and is the second such incident involving arson in the past two weeks. Police are investigating as it appears the scene had been branded by an EDL sign. Not content with soldiers physically abusing Muslim children in Afghanistan the EDL seem intent on burning them in their sleep.


Whilst the rest of us are ground down to our knees with ideological austerity measures Thames Water have joined the rest of the super corporation tax avoidance billionaires by failing to pay no corporation tax despite making £145m in pre-tax profit. More fool us for allowing an essential human need to be privatised and put in the hands of criminals. This comes hot on the heels of another Vodaphone tax dodging effort after they failed to pay any for a second consecutive year.

Health/Education and Welfare

Labour this week proved themselves the other side of the mask shared by the Tories with Miliband's speech on welfare. He repeated right wing rhetoric of society viewing the system as being "given something for nothing" and served only to demonise people who struggle. What is the alternative to ideological austerity? There is none if you are looking at the two party state we live within.

Having sent them out to do their dirty work for the past ten years in Afghanistan and Iraq, the government has now decided to put our troops to use in schools by fast tracking to become teachers when they return. Some schools students will feel right at home with a militarised way of being educated as they have embarked on making their students pledge everyday first thing in the morning.


Treyvon Martin, remember him? This week the jury is being selected for the Zimmerman trial. This murder divided opinion across both sides of the Atlantic and we will see whether there is justice or whether it is just-us.

Turkey has been embroiled in a running battle with its government and the situation has failed to improve with the police firing tear gas and pepper spray on 'extremists'.

Extremist gets her just deserts
Meanwhile in Libya the chief of staff has resigned following deadly clashes between militia and protesters, going to show our support of unknown rebels does not always guarantee peace for the people once we leave them to it. As if we needed reminding but with the powers that be looking to arm Syrian rebels it looks as though the mistakes of our past are destined to be repeated.

In Australia the DJ who made a prank phone call to the hospital Kate was staying has won an award and it has been branded as "bad taste." Ironic considering we have a serving President who won a Nobel Peace Prize for saying stuff he did not mean and then proliferated the drone wars which we are seeing escalate on an almost weekly basis. Is that not bad taste?


The UK entertainment industry has been a cesspool and hive of sexual debauchery in recent months with the latest celebrity to be linked to child sex offences being Ken Roach, better known as Ken Barlow on Coronation Street, to most of you.


A marshal died at this weeks Canadian Grand Prix, run over by a recovery vehicle and an investigation is underway.

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