Monday, 17 June 2013

Newell News-round up, week 12

Week 12, Legal aid is about to be slashed to pieces by this Tory government and its sideman partners the LibDems going to prove that there is no justice, there is just us. You could not make it up


No more cuts will be made to the frontline military services, the rest of us will have to foot the bill for this, despite our illegal war of terror costing the taxpayer billions and the cost of human life is beyond count. It is not just the British and US troops or the civilians suffering but now the Afghanistan peace force that has been ill equipped and left behind are losing limbs and life.

Nick Clegg says we must "cut the welfare for the rich" first but in throwing the children overboard by increasing the tuition fees he has showed where his loyalties really lie and any such attacks on them will be used eventually to remove such 'benefits' from the poor. It is classic divide and rule tactics. Even Ed Balls has reiterated this position, proving that there is no choice when it comes to politics, just puppets that share the same mask.

Privatisation is the vehicle that politicians use to move money from the public into the pockets of their criminal profiteer mates in the private sector. Spurious claims that the private sector have created 1.2million jobs are statistics manipulated to sell us their lies. This usually means that half of these jobs were once public sector posts now syphoned off and the rest are probably job shared posts with two people working one job but it doubles the economies labour statistics. Businesses have then been paid off by the government for doing such things. One such example of jobs being privatised is the current sell of of Royal Mail where there are more strikes planned over cuts and job security. Royal Mail is worth billions with its parcel delivery service making money hand over fist, yet the government want to sell it off.

900,000 more people joined the millions already in the UK considered to live in poverty, going to show that politicians want to throw us overboard without a life jacket, we are surplus to requirements. You might be lucky enough to get a food stamp for a food bank but you must meet a certain criteria, in the mean time the head of the DWP Iain Duncan-Smith is eating £39 breakfasts and telling us we can live on £53 pound a week. When are people going to start pointing their fingers at these criminals and thieves?

The Fire Minister Brandon Lewis' office was visited by a concerned group of humans who wanted to discuss cuts, privatisation and the pensions attacks agenda. He responded on a radio broadcast and deflected the situation by talking about gold plated pensions. None of which was true.

In other news a child was refused lunch because his parents owed £1.75. You cannot make this shit up.

Health and Welfare

An elderly care centre, Mosaic Community Care, is under investigation  after a row about the care of an elderly lady. They have been apparently suspended by the UK Homecare Association which means they will be no longer recommending Mosaic Community Care for elderly people whilst the suspension stands.


Canary Wharf, June 2013 - G8 protest

The G8 summit have vowed to make a difference on tax avoidance, but not likely to occur before the thieves, cheats and scoundrels have found another loop hole or place to stash their cash. Anti-G8 demonstrations have taken place in London and Belfast and the UK Pre Crime Police Division have been in force again, arresting fifty seven people for questioning this week in London. Some arrested just for thinking about protesting, yet if you are a fraudulent banking terrorist or laundering drug cartel money, you can get away scot-free. You couldn't make it up.

Pensioners took a kicking this week in The Times on Saturday, Michael Parris has said that it is the pensioner (and not the banking terrorists) that have stolen the futures of the young. The Murdoch agenda is supported generously by the supposedly unbiased BBC who ran a story stating that pensioners are the only group to have received a steady increase in income over the past thirty years. They are framing the agenda for the largest assault on your pensions and savings in a generation, they want it all back and it looks like they will get it because people, for the most part, are too busy sleeping to see it. That is why George Carlin called it "The American Dream."


Erdogan told the Turkish protesters to go home or else and was met with a show of defiance as thousands descended on Gezi Park to show him what they thought of his views on democracy. This resulted in more blood shed as the fascists used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds.

Old Detroit City is bankrupt and the Mayor is paving the way for debt consolidation. Perhaps he is paving the way for Delta City to be built as we saw in Robocop!


Google is looking to provide remote parts of the world with the internet by supplying 'near space balloons' to bridge the gap. Presumably they can afford it with the amount of tax payments they have been dodging in the UK.

The brilliant technology show TED have been discussing the merits of drones saying that they can reach otherwise hard to get places, unfortunately for us the military and surveillance applications are what our governments really want them for. Just ask the German urban street artists. Also at TED they have debated the future of aviation, but I would like to see the advancement of maglev trains myself.


The lions are in Australia and Shane Williams has been called up as injury cover. He always chokes on the big occasions.


A senior police detective involved in the Jimmy Saviile enquiry has joined the Big Brother house. No comment required.

Man of Steel opened this week, just two days before Fathers Day, to rave reviews from fans but mixed opinions from the so called experts. It is not the fourth Dark Knight movie as some of them may have expected but then Superman is very different to other super heroes, his story is one of the light and righteousness. It is who he is. Check it out.

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