Sunday, 16 June 2013

Warmongering because it is good for business

Not content with the blood of thousands of Iraqi's and soldiers from the US and the UK on his hands, war criminal Tony Blair, who made millions from the occupation and invasion of Iraq, has called for the west to intervene in Syria.

Any time a war criminal such as Tony Blair call for intervention, you can guarantee that it has nothing to do with humanitarian aid or democracy, but everything to do with the stealing of resources. The man has a position as the Middle East Peace envoy, the irony for which should not be lost on any of us.

The call for the Syrian rebels to be armed has come following the American announcement that the Syrian army has been using chemical weapons, calling it "the red line" which they have crossed. This echoes almost exactly the terminology used by Israeli President Netanyahu, when discussing the Iranian nuclear enrichment plan last year. America seems to forget their own use of white phosphorous gas during the siege of Fallujah in 2004 (reported by the Independent in 2005) and Israel, their puppet masters, also used the same material during attacks on Gaza (reported by the BBC here).

There is also the small matter of the gassing of the people in Bahrain and Turkey, where their empty canisters have 'made in in England' written on the side of them. War is the only thing we seem to be exporting these days.

Not to scale - Netanyahu Warner Brothers cartoon bomb

For months there has been speculation as to if and by whom chemical weapons have been used by and all of a sudden we have confirmation that it is at the hands of Assad's military. The timing could not have been sweeter for the imperialist forces as this coincides with the advancement by Assad's troops with the assistance of Hezbollah and they also happen to be a close ally with Iran. Iran have also just undergone an election with Ahmadinejad's tenure coming to an end.

Tony Blair's solution to all this is to export peace bombs, claiming that he is from an "interventionist area of politics" whatever we may think of that and he also called for the removal of the Iranian regime as they are a destabilising influence on the region.
The volatile nature of the region has nothing to do with drones blowing up people then does it Tony? Tony Blair has amassed millions through the deaths of innocent Iraqi's and British and US troops, along with his war criminal friend George W. Bush. The current crop continuing the 'special relationship', Obama and Cameron, are following along the same blood thirsty pursuit of power and control over resources.

The warmongering of our nations is scary and the thoughts of each nations people will count for nothing as the beat to the sound of the drums of war intensify in the coming weeks. One million people marched against the war in Iraq and ten years on it is still on fire. What will this mean for the people of Syria?

Violence begets violence and using war to solve a crises has only ever lead to greater humanitarian issues in the long run, as infrastructure is destroyed, countless millions of people are displaced and the wars of terror lead to mistrust and hatred of everyday people in the West. The only way for us to solve terrorism is to first stop engaging in acts of terror.

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